◆  The value-oriented and trusted supply chain partner
TES specializes in mass customization and can build and configure your product to order. Our supply chain management is focused on processes to improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of designing, manufacturing, and delivering products. We evaluate the overall sustainable value of the supply chain in addition to cost and quality considerations in our daily procurement operations in order to pursue sustainable growth while meeting customers’ needs. In addition, we safeguard the environment throughout our supply chain and hold our supplier network to higher ethical standards. 

◆  Design for customers’benefit
TES provides turnkey design services and works with our customer’s design team to co-design products. Our R&D team is ready to help with any design and manufacturing engineering projects in varied industries. We can help customer make key design adjustments that eliminate scrape and bottlenecks, while maximizing product performance and speed things along even more using our expertise. And we don’t allow ever-increasing parts shortages to delay development when you design for maximum interchangeability. 




◆  Flexible production capability
Flexibility, responsiveness, outstanding quality and low cost are essential for manufacturing processing management. TES invests in automation to connect our equipment, people and processes to improve productivity, quality, responsiveness, as well as accuracy of decision making throughout the product life cycle. We are able to provide fast, accurate, diverse and flexible production in small quantities to cater to the customer’s need. We focus on helping our customers bring their products to market better, faster, and smarter in order to help them become more successful. 

 ◆  Consistently improving performance
An effective quality management is applied to supplier management, incoming quality control, production quality control, reliability testing and final quality control systems to serve as production guarantees. TES quality and assurance teams perform product life testing to ensure that designs meet and/or exceed required specifications. We work with customers closely to assess certification risks early in the product development lifecycle, reducing cost and speed-to-market. When they partner with TES, customers can have confidence in attaining maximum levels of quality and efficiency.