With decades of industrial experience and sharp insight of customer’s needs, TES provides  innovative products and interactive solutions that suitable for various industries and leading customers worldwide.




The rise of new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and cloud computing has opened a new page in the development of retail industry.


Under the influence of IoT (Internet of Things), Artificial intelligence, bio-metric identification, big data and cloud computing, traditional finance industries are vastly changing to accommodate for immediate service, transactional efficiency, and the overall integration of tomorrow’s technology.

Today, intelligent finance is has spurred the change in service content and how the information/transactions take place. TES has developed and designed many kinds of touch monitors and computers that can be applied to financial hardware, which provides the industry with high-quality options. In addition, many kinds of functions like encryption modules, writing boards, biometric identification, and privacy and explosion protection can be added to accommodate our clients’ demands.


The emergence of innovative technologies such as Industry 4.0, IoT and big data establish the basis of intelligent industry. With integrations of hardware, software and the Internet technology, TES provides a wide variety of embedded touch monitors and computers differentiating in size, touch technology, and general specs, that can be applied in many different applications and harsh environments. Our ability to provide customized embedded touch solutions that retain high quality, peak performance, durable and reliable, cost-effective products is how we best accommodate our clients and differentiate from the competition.


In the past, the medical industry paid attention to the performance of medical technology and equipment. Today, the medical industry has changed to reach the practical and mental needs of patience. The purpose is to improve medical care, service quality and efficiency. Through big data, cloud, Internet of Things and other technologies, the hospital extends To pharmacies, community care, and even home care, patients can consult through telemedicine, reducing waiting time and improving consultation efficiency.


Different from the traditional fitness equipment, smart fitness equipment basically adds the following functions:1) Integrate a large-size touch screen, speakers and microphones to interact with online fitness coaches;2) Support Android or Windows system: you can install many useful social, fitness, weight management and other common APPs. It basically replaces the previous role of mobile phones, and realizes the three correctness of sports, entertainment and social interaction.3) Connect to the Internet and perform cloud management of sports data. Realize the functions of data collection, storage and analysis.

Automotive Display

The center console in an automobile has great changes in these years: multi monitors, interactive touch functions and connectivity to the internet. It leads to the new direction to the Intelligent Cockpit. Customized shape and sizes of dual monitors (or even triple monitors) require the solution providers with better integration and design capabilities. And the Intelligent Cockpit will play many different roles beyond a center console of a vehicle in future: AI-assistance, wayfinding, media center…the cockpit will be smarter and the driver need less efforts on the driving.


Slots, Roulette, Poker, Sports and Adventure Games…, the excitement and feeling of achievements from variety of games bring millions of people with joy and amusement.

By hearing, viewing, moving and manipulating, gaming activities need more delicate and instant response to even just a slight motion, touch or action. For that, cutting-edge technologies, durability, reliability, and exclusive customization is necessary in Gaming and Gambling industries.

TES has accumulated many successful cases in global gaming industry. From concept, design, function integrations to the actual products, TES can help customers provide fascinating gaming machines and solutions for the leading Gaming companies worldwide.


Smart Classroom and collaboration whiteboard/ meeting system for enterprise are highly integrated solutions including touch technology, computing, internet, and audio/video processing. Smart classroom changes the way of education and eliminates the limit of distance and space requirement; as well as the collaboration white board / meeting system, smart classroom provides a better interactive platform of demonstration, giving lectures, discussion and practice spontaneously.

TES has designed and manufactured a wide range of large-size touch monitors and embedded computers, interactive touch computers widely deployed in many business applications to provide a better interaction experience for education and business scenarios.

Smart City

Through the IoT in fracture and cloud computing and AI assistance, smart city is from an imagination for future come to the reality today. The interactive human-machine interaction machines and equipment will provide a variety of services at home, as well as in stations, airports, parking lots, and even public service offices.

With decades of experience in the integration of touch and computing technologies, TES has designed and manufactured a wide range of touch computers and interactive self-service equipment widely deployed in numerous applications, including finance, retail, transportations, security, government and public services and help to construct the infrastructures of a Smart City.