TES invests in ROCKTECH to vertically integrate supply chain and accelerate extension of IoT


In order to advance the further expansion of the TES business into industrial personal computers (IPC) and the Internet of Things (IOT), TES intends to invest in ROCKTECH by paying cash with its own funds in January.


The comprehensive effect of the cooperation between TES and ROCKTECH is as follows:


  1. Technology and Products: By leveraging ROCKTECH's years of experience in ARM architecture product development, TES can improve the efficiency and capability of motherboard R&D and overall system design, increase product added value and expand new application areas; at the same time, ROCKTECH's Internet of Things product solutions enable TES to quickly expand its business into the Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing fields.


  1. Marketing and sales: TES and ROCKTECH have interoperability in the customer resources of the complete machine business. The cooperation between the two parties can fully integrate customer resources and improve market expansion capabilities.


  1. Operation: In terms of production and manufacturing, the advantages of TES will be used for integration. In addition, the two parties will further strengthen the integration of supply chain resources and increase cost competitiveness.


This transaction is in line with the needs of TES's strategic planning and business development. With the completion of this transaction, TES will deeply integrate with ROCKTECH in the main board research and development capabilities, supply chain management, products, markets, and manufacturing to further enhance the quality of service to existing and future potential customers is conducive to improving the industrial integration capabilities and comprehensive profitability of TES.






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