TES Collaborates with Partners Develop Autonomous Delivery Vehicle Market


During the epidemic, the shortage of delivery staff had prompted more companies to focus on autonomous delivery vehicle. Through Autopilot Technology, autonomous delivery vehicle can realize on-the-road automatic driving, sensing road conditions, and human-computer interaction.  


Multiple applications of autonomous delivery vehicle


The main applications includes express delivery, self-service retail and Security patrols. Autonomous delivery vehicle are very suitable for delivery or patrol within limited areas such as campus, residential quarters and industrial zone. Autonomous delivery vehicle provide a perfect solution to the problem that courier is unwilling to deliver goods door-to door. In additional, autonomous delivery vehicle can drive to reduce the recruitment cost and raise working efficiency.


Autonomous delivery vehicle can be put in shopping mall, office building, scenic spot, libraries and

railway station for food retailing. Customer can even request autonomous delivery vehicle to go to the designated location by APP on mobile phone. Autonomous delivery vehicle can significantly reduce cost of rental of stores and hiring of staff.


Touchscreens on autonomous delivery vehicle


Appearance design of autonomous delivery vehicle is different to normal automobile. Because the vehicle inner space is all for storage of goods, total 3 vehicle doors are set on both sides and behind. The design is a convenience for buyers who pick up and workers who load. A touchscreen beside doors is used to control opening and closing doors. Buyers can pick up goods by verification code which is exactly same to the method of picking up goods from a delivery locker. The autonomous delivery vehicle for self-retail application will add a digital signage on top of door which is used to show goods for sell in this vehicle.


As a leading intelligent interactive solutions provider, TES TEC has a great wealth of experience in the logistics and retail industry. TES Touchscreen occupy a leading market share in in delivery locker and self-checkout. Now TES TEC is collaborating with start-up to innovative autonomous delivery vehicle for the development of smart cities.





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