TES Collaborates with Partners Develop Autonomous Delivery Vehicle Market


During the epidemic, the shortage of on duty couriers and delivery staff has prompted companies to focus on autonomous delivery vehicle. Autonomous delivery vehicle are devices that use autonomous driving as the core technology to operate on the road, sense road conditions, and interact with users. They can deliver express delivery or other items to users at any time.


Typical application Scenario of Autonomous Delivery Vehicle: 

At present, the application mainly includes several scenarios: express delivery, self-service retail, and epidemic services.

Autonomous delivery vehicle are very suitable for delivery within limited areas such as parks and residential areas, completing the final 100 meters of delivery. Not only does it solve the consumers' complain of unable to deliver meals and goods to doorstep, but it can also avoid cross infection, relieve the problem of difficult recruitment, thereby achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase.

self-service retail are found in places with high foot traffic, such as shopping malls, office buildings, scenic spots, stations and so on. This not only reduces the cost of Shops and salespersons. Consumers will also be able to "summon" autonomous delivery vehicle to their designated locations by appointment, making sales process faster and more convenient.

Touchscreen on Autonomous Delivery Vehicle:

The mainstream autonomous delivery vehicle have similar appearance, with rounded body and no cab, almost all space to be used for loading. The doors are set on both sides and behind of the vehicle, the design is for easy loading and picking up. Touchscreen is set beside the door, consumers enter a verification code to pick up goods via the touchscreen, which is the same way of picking up goods on delivery locker. In the self-service retail scenario, each vehicle is equipped with 2 screens, beside the touchscreen next to the door, there is large display on the top to show product information.


As a leading enterprise in intelligent interactive devices, TES has been deeply involved in the logistics and retail industry for many years, with a leading market share in delivery locker, slot machine and self-checkout. With technological advantages and industry experience, TES is exploring unique new models with emerging enterprises, improving the Autonomous delivery vehicle market, and turning the vision of intelligent living into reality.





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