Interactive Service Devices Can Help Speed Up the Infrastructure for the Smart City


The development of modern technologies provides us with a good vision of the future: clean energy transportation, internet-connected communication, various on-demand services, including shopping communications, entertainment and even works. In short, connecting various services through technology will bring more convenience to life.


On-Demand Service Will Permeate All Kinds of Services; Interactive Service Equipment Will Increase Significantly


The popularity and success of online shopping and carhailing services, digital payment and online banking have laid a solid foundation for the digitalization of services for residents' needs. This foundation is critical to the development of smart cities.


As an interactive human-machine interface device for personal use, mobile phones have achieved an important success in personal consumption and applications such as communication and entertainment; it has had a positive effect on the application of on-demand services to other public services.



We might imagine a highly automated service device that will provide a variety of services at home, as well as in stations, airports, parking lots, and even public service offices. In these locations you may purchase tickets, checkin luggage, refuel or recharge your car, or even open the door with your eyes or fingerprint. Naturally, the air conditioning is automatically adjusted to a comfortable setting.


AI and machine-learning-enhanced automation will help the development of interactive devices. In the future, the kinds of advertisements and billboards we see will not only be interactive, they will likely become integrated service platforms. People have made many discoveries and inventions through touch, and will continue to advance.


TES is dedicated to providing the Interactive Service Solutions for Smart City Infrastructure


With decades of experience in the integration of touch and computing technologies, TES has designed and manufactured a wide range of touch computers and interactive self-service equipment widely deployed in numerous applications, including finance, retail, transportations, security, government and public services.





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