Arcade Gamingv2 High-definition and virtual-real integration Arcade games are developing towards high performance


Integration of high image quality and virtual and real experience Arcade games are developing towards high performance



What was your experience with Augmented Reality (AR) before the advent of virtual reality devices? Broadly speaking, "simulation situation" and "experience" can be said to be its core. Including VR, through the human-machine interface device feedback to the visual, auditory, tactile, and other senses, devices and technologies that combine and interact with people, were first used in military training and other purposes, and later extended to industry, education, and entertainment, etc. .


The improved image quality of game content drives the demand for arcade game displays with higher image quality and high-speed computing


In the past, through the physical device and mechanical design, the simulation of shooting, racing, dancing, playing musical instruments, and achieving the effect of entertainment, in a broad sense, arcade games can be regarded as the first generation of virtual equipment.




With the advancement of communication technology and the display industry, high-speed computing, high-quality, high-quality audio and video game content spanning household, mobile games and other industries has also changed arcade games, towards larger screens and higher quality image quality Audio-visual experience and immersive experience development.


High-speed computing, wireless transmission, and high-quality images build an immersive experience environment,Custom arcade gaming gear goes mainstream


The introduction of high-quality, high-speed computing, cloud, wireless communication and IoT technologies, low-latency, high-fidelity, and high-resolution interactive displays and touch computers have become an important basis for feedback on the operation of human-machine interfaces and VR devices .


…Due to the need for real-time and massive computing in devices that link images, sounds, and human sensory feedback, arcade game equipment is trending toward customization and high-efficiency development. Manufacturers with professional technical customization service capabilities will contribute to the overall arcade game industry market. The expansion of production value.


High-tech professional customized services, TES Chenzhan Optoelectronics hopes to inject acceleration into the game industry


TES has accumulated experience and technical capabilities in the development and integration of industrial and commercial touch display and computer products. Over the years, TES has provided global customers with various high-performance computing commercial and industrial touch computer hosts and ultra-high-definition monitors. Especially in the game industry, TES provides high-tech and high-quality customized services for game equipment manufacturers.


  1. TES' customization capabilities provide high-quality technology-integrated products




TES develops various sizes and full-featured touch computer mainframes and touch display screens for arcade game equipment, with multi-touch and desktop and window operating systems to choose from; through TES Chen's professional manufacturing capabilities, Provide customers with value-added customized services such as waterproof and dustproof, anti-glare, anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch.

TES's ODM/JDM integrated design and manufacturing services provide professional consulting, design services, functional planning, and electromechanical integration; and complete services from verification design, functional integration, production, quality management, and global product output; and through system management and global The bases and service teams in Asia, Europe, and America continue to provide comprehensive after-sales service for cooperative corporate customers.





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