The pusher of intelligent industry - machine tool


Machine tool, also known as machine tool, is a machine that precisely processes blanks or workpieces of metal or other materials to make various special geometric shapes and special structures. It can be said that the machine tool is the equipment for manufacturing the machine, so the machine tool is also called the industrial mother machine or the machine tool.

The machine tool, which is the basis of precision tools, requires multi-dimensional precision control and precision actions in the environment such as temperature and humidity. The cutting speed, temperature, angle and moving distance of the tool have reached the ultimate precision requirement. The main structure of machine tool products includes structural parts, control systems, transmission systems, drive systems and tool magazines, turret components and other components. The core of which is the control system, and the specific presentation is the terminal interface of the control system.


The deep integration of big data, the Internet and sensing technology, the integration of information applications is the key to "smart manufacturing"


In today's era of communication technology, information technology and the Internet, "intelligent manufacturing" with multi-tasking, automatic, rapid, and big data calculation integration has become a new benchmark for industry in the 21st century. Among them, the integration of information application and management has become the key to "smart manufacturing".


The multi-dimensional precision machining machine tool is an important promoter of the development of modern industry, and the machine tool itself is the crystallization of the development of precision technology


The new intelligent machine tool that combines a large amount of data with automatic programming and sensors, no longer needs a large number of buttons and switches, but also needs charts, history records and real-time monitoring data; the work of highly specialized staff will It is an instruction to monitor and observe the status and troubleshooting of each workstation; therefore, the medium and large-sized touch screen integrating the control interface and real-time information has replaced the control keyboard and small screen, and has become the mainstream of industrial control equipment.


Button control and touch human-machine touch display have their own advantages. However, the medium and large size touch screen can implement multi-tasking and multi-information integration, which is more forward-looking in industrial control applications.



Precise touch, sturdy and durable, dedicated display for machine tools


Since the machine tool itself is an important industrial equipment that requires precision, it still requires stable work under the environment of temperature, humidity, vibration, shock, etc. that it faces in harsh environments, especially the safety and convenience of operators. The operating terminal equipment of the machine tool needs to meet the following points:


  • Reinforced structural design: Scratch resistance, impact resistance, water and dust resistance and other industrial-standard protection capabilities
  • Clear image and correct operation feedback
  • Convenience of expansion: support for multiple interfaces, more obvious advantages for installation and application
  • Anti-interference touch and image display ability: avoid malfunction or failure caused by voltage, current and other media and environmental factors, affecting the normal operation of machine tools



Large-size touch interface is gradually introduced into machine tool products. The picture shows the APM-24 (left) and TPMF-19 (right) industrial touch screens of TES Chenzhan Optoelectronics


Aiming at industrial scenarios that integrate a large amount of data and automation, multi-function control panels, intelligent equipment, production heavy machinery and other industrial scenarios that require precise touch control, TES has launched APM-24 and TPMF-19 industrial touch screens. Alloy reinforced structural design, in line with industrial standards.


TES designed and manufactured 19-inch and 24-inch open-frame touch display screens for industrial control equipment, With the embedded mechanism design and metal back cover of various devices, it is easy to install and suitable for integrated use of various devices.

Reinforced Alloy Back Cover and Flush Mounting Brackets


High resolution/high contrast for clearer images in harsh environments

The APM-24 supports FHD high resolution of 1920 x 1080, while the TPMF-19 uses a 4:3 ratio 1280 x 1024 resolution panel; different ratios correspond to different device requirements. High-definition panel with ultra-high contrast ratio of 1000:1 (up to 3000:1 for APM-24), providing clear image quality. quantity.


Support a variety of interfaces, the installation application has more obvious advantages

In addition to the VGA video signal input commonly used in industrial applications, the APM-24 also supports Digital Display and HDMI video signals. It is especially suitable for multi-signal industrial control equipment that requires high-definition images. Whether it is precision electronic manufacturing equipment, or heavy industrial equipment running 24 hours a day; APM-24 and TPMF-19 can meet customer needs.

APM-24 supports VGA, Display Port, HDMI various video signal input


TES combines material science and high-end technology, keeps pace with the times, contributes to the common development of industrial improvement and technological innovation, and provides customers with human-machine interface integration tools in the new era of intelligent manufacturing. The APM-24 and TPMF-19 industrial touch panels with stable performance, wide application and easy installation are your first choice for stable, safe and efficient equipment integration.


APM-24 features:

• 23.5-inch FHD display (1920 x 1080)

• Ultra-high contrast ratio 3000 : 1

  • P-CAP Touch
  • Support a variety of video signal input: VGA, Displayport, HDMI
  • metal back cover
  • Support flush installation


TPMF-19  features:

• 19" HD display (1280 x 1024)

  • Aspect ratio 4 : 3

• Ultra-high contrast ratio 1000 : 1

  • P-CAP Touch
  • Dual video signal input: VGA, DVI
  • metal back cover
  • Support flush installation



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