TES Announces the Acquisition of Agile Display Solutions

Touch Solutions Pioneer, TES, Plans to Acquire Agile Display Solutions, a Leader in Design, Development and Manufacturing of Unified Collaboration and Digital Signage Display Solutions. This Acquisition Strengthens the R&D capability for Super Large-Format Smart Displays to Complete a Product Portfolio for 10 to 100 inches.

Touch Embedded Solutions (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., (TES), leader in the integration of touch display technologies, motherboard layout, mechanical design, and audio/video peripherals, has been providing high-quality customized ODM services for commercial intelligent interactive and all-in-one displays to customers worldwide. TES is deeply rooted in the financial, medical, gaming, industrial control, and transportation markets offering solutions for POS, ATMs, medical displays, medical panel computers, kiosk self-service, and self-checkout terminals. With the increasing worldwide popularity and demand for intelligent interactive devices, TES products and services extend to emerging applications including vehicle infotainment, smart fitness, and unified collaboration, to grow with increasing customer demand.

Today, March 23, 2021, TES announces the formal acquisition of Agile Display Solution’s 51% common shares at an investment of $10 million USD. This allows integration with Agile Display Solutions product design, supply chain management, and manufacturing functions for unified communication & collaboration (UCC) all-in-one displays, digital signage, and interactive whiteboards over 43 inches in screen size. The combined business will enhance the service and quality for existing and potential global customers.

Agile Display Solutions was a specialty display product business unit under CHILIN Technology in Taiwan. Spun off from CHILIN Technology in 2014, Agile became an independent company operated by the original management team. With over 10 years professional experience, Agile focuses on ODM services of super large touch, digital signage, video wall and UCC solutions. They have offices in Taiwan, California, the Netherlands and Shanghai to serve customers worldwide. Agile Display Solutions successfully built a customer base in Europe, America and Asia, providing customers with product applications for UCC all-in-one displays, digital signage, interactive whiteboards and video walls. Agile Display Solutions’ UCC all-in-one displays were granted Microsoft Teams certifications, and are optimized for remote conference platforms including Zoom, Google Meet and others. With the global demand for unified collaboration and conferencing, as a result of Covid-19, TES believes there will be more opportunities in this product category to customers worldwide.

Agile Display Solution’s R&D expertise, supply chain management and manufacturing create strong synergies with TES that complement both companies with mutual benefit. The acquisition creates and delivers greater value for shareholders and customers by combing and integrating R&D, operations and logistics.

For more information regarding the acquisition, please contact our global service team by email at IR@tes-tec.com.

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