The booming development of intelligent industries Including IoT, 5G, AI, and Internet has speed-up the rapid development of the intelligent display industry. With the R&D and manufacturing advantages, TES is capable of designing and manufacturing more intelligent, user-friendly and standard touch display products and create more values for customers.



Customized PCBA Design

TES has accumulated successful experience including design, manufacturing and integration of industrial application scenarios to provide the leading customers with various practical technical solutions worldwide. Combining the interface deployment that meets different industry’s needs and safety regulations, TES’s service teams provide tailor-made proposals including interface configuration, dimensions, electromechanical integration, safety and electrical testing and certification. TES has self-own manufacturing capability can designs and manufactures A/D boards, power control boards, touch control boards and I/O interface control boards, etc. TES's product integration capabilities and solid services, are the keys to make products more suitable for market needs.

Medical Monitors

The Medical Monitors of TES are exclusively designed for the high quality demands of medical applications especially for diagnosis and surgery. Equipped with special image enhancement technology and anti-noise power supply design, TES’ Medical Monitors comply with DICOM and other medical standards, to ensure Steady and noise-free high image quality with consistent brightness even at long-time use, and that provides medical users with comfortable ergonomics diagnostics image reading experience

Box PC / Industrial Embedded PC

Combining the excellent software and hardware integration capabilities, TES provides a variety of BOX PC / Industrial Embedded PC products support X86 and ARM platforms. The design adopts special processes and materials to meet various application environments, and the customization design of rugged mechanism features such as low noise, waterproof and dustproof, and impact resistance according to customer needs; Our Box PC products are widely used in commerce, transportation, traffic and aviation, heavy industry, etc.

Panel PC /All-In-One Touch Computers

The Panel PCs and All-In-One Touch Computers of TES are the unity of decades of industrial experience, perfect touch technology and computer system integration capabilities. Our Panel PCs and Touch Computes are widely used in self-service equipment such as ATMs and KIOSKs. TES' self-service equipment products have widely introduced in consumer and public service applications more than 20 industries: retail, tourism, telecommunications, medical care, gaming, government affairs, fast food, postal services, exhibitions, museums, insurance, entertainment, education…etc.

Touch Display Modules

The touch display module includes touch panel, touch control circuit board, display panel, backlight module, and protective cover. TES has R&D capabilities and self-own production planes to provide different sizes and customized touch display modules that suitable for different applications: indoor, outdoor and high and low temperature and special environments.

Desktop Touch Monitors

The Desktop Touch Monitors of TES combine with ergonomic and electromechanical integration design, A/D circuit board, interface arrangement and configuration, and optional peripherals integrations to provide high-quality desktop touch products. The reliable and high quality of TES products are widely used in many applications including retail, self-service equipment, medical, and industrial…etc.

Open Frame Monitors

The Open Frame Monitors of TES are designed for most commercial and industrial applications that need embedded installation or system integration. With side brackets and VESA installation, the open frame monitors can support more diverse installation methods. Scalable in size from 10" to 27", the open frame monitors create a slim-bezel and ultra-thin design as well as a variety of touch technologies including, P-CAP, Resistive, SAW, InGlass IR. The open frame monitors can provide extra customization of surface treatments such as AG, AR and Ingress Protection and vandal proof design.

Kiosk Machines

The kiosk incorporates most modern technologies to provide customers with the ability to seamlessly integrate specialized hardware and software components. It was developed for building a distributed self-service payment network with an integrated robust solution that supports spanning multiple organizations. High availability and integrity between different services at the border.

OEM Solutions

We know our products. You know what your project needs are. Meeting your unique project needs with our solutions is why we offer Application Engineering services. With a diverse collection of solutions available, narrowing down to the precise product that meets your project's needs is what we do best. We will work with you to define an accurate scope of work to foster efficiency by developing agreed upon goals early in the partnership. When goals are accepted by all participants from the start, identifying problems before they arise and presenting them in a clear and concise manner becomes painless. Just remember that we are all working towards the same goal. A team-based project approach that identifies and understands the project needs, assesses and minimizes risk, manages and reduces cost, and results in providing a reliable and quality product.